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How To Do Sustainable Investing in 3 Steps 

Sustainable investing is not a fad or a niche market. It is a growing trend that reflects a changing world view and a new way of creating value. By adopting sustainable investing strategies, you can align your investments with your values while also achieving your financial goals.

To make sustainable investments, follow these 3 steps:

1) Set your own requirements and criteria: Find your personal values and attitudes and use them in your investments. In the book "Investér bæredygtigt - og bliv vinder på aktiemarkedet" you can read more in depth about how to do this.

2) Set your strategy: Have a clear strategy so you can make rational decisions and avoid being influenced by emotions like greed and fear..

3) Build your portfolio: Build a portfolio that matches your own values over time - remember you don't have to get it everything right at once.

We recomend that you check out the rating and research from Sustainify, where comparable scores on each of the SDGs that a company choose to report on, gives unique insights to the progress towards reaching the particular Sustainable Develompent Goal. You can search on one or more of the 17 SDGs and that way pick those that match your own values. Take a look at free sample data on 

Happy investing!


By Eva Grønbjerg Christensen

April 2023

How Can You Start Sustainable Investing?

If you are interested in sustainable investing, there are several ways you can start your journey. Remember there are no right way - just your way!

One way is to use screening that helps you filter out companies or funds that do not meet your sustainability criteria or that focus on specific themes such as renewable energy, social justice, or gender equality. One is excluding and the other including. Another way is to use rating systems that assess and compare companies or funds based on their sustainability performance and provide you with scores or rankings that reflect their sustainability level. here it's important to find a rating you find reliable and serious about sustainability.

A third way is to use active ownership that involve communicating with companies or funds to encourage them to improve their sustainability practices or to vote on shareholder resolutions related to sustainability issues. Active ownership doesn't garantee that the company will do as you request and being a small shareholder usually mean you have a small voice - so the bigger the shareholder the bigger the voice.

Of course, you should always do your own research before making any investment decisions and consult with a professional advisor if needed. You should also be aware of the risks involved in any type of investing and diversify your portfolio accordingly.


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