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Lectures from Sustainify are designed to educate and inspire individuals and organizations who are interested in new knowledge, understanding of sustainability, and implementing sustainable practices and investing in sustainable companies.

The lectures cover wide-raging topics related to sustainability, including SDG (The 17 Sustainable Development Goals) ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and more specific areas such as circular economy, ESG-reporting, climate compass, marketing of sustainability, and much more. If you have your own wishes for a topic, you would like a lecture in - please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

In our sustainable investing lectures, we explore various dilemmas faced by sustainable investors and provide insights into the importance of sustainable investing, how to find companies to invest in and how it can help investors achieve their financial goals while also creating positive impact for society and the environment - for retail and institutional investors.

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You will find that Eva Grønbjerg is an experienced and passionate speaker, who use a variety of interactive and engaging strategies to ensure that the lectures are effective and memorable. Real-world examples and case studies are used to help illustrate the importance of sustainability and sustainable investing.

Through her own experience with stock investments and work experience with corporate social responsibility (CSR) Eva Grønbjerg gives you, the tools to get started with sustainable investing. Eva Grønbjerg is co-author of the book »Invester bæredygtigt – og bliv fremtidens vinder på aktiemarkedet« (2021) in English "Invest sustainably - and become the future winner of the stock market".

Whether you're an individual who wants to learn more about sustainability, or a business or organization that wants to work with sustainable practices, the lectures can help you achieve your goals. Sustainify believes that by educating more people about sustainability, we can reach the goals for sustainability – for people, planet & profit.

Take a look at some of the sustainability topics and themes we cover here >>>