Vision, Mission and Values

Mission, Vision & Values

Sustainify provides reliable & comprehensive sustainability data for various stakeholders and purposes

Creating the future of sustainability data by being the best and most preferred independant source of verified, fact-checked, transparent and researched information of companies and their performance on SDG, ESG & CSR.

Core Values

Knowledge is power. That is why sharing knowledge is key in everything we do. We are determined to provide our customers with transparent and reliable data on sustainability.

We believe that access to reliable sustainability data is becoming increasingly important for businesses, investors and other stakeholders.

We are guided by some core values about being responsible in what we share, factual in our research and sharing knowledge to help empower others. Knowledge is power.

  • Responsibility - Supporting everyone working responsibly with sustainability by our holistic approach and providing data on sustainability for all. Making corporate responsibility esier. 

  • Trust - Continuously working on transparent and reliable sustainability data and insights through communications and processes. Striving to be a reliable source.

  • Collaboration - Achieving our best results through working together, collaborating and partnerships, internally as well as externally. Stronger together and empowering each other.