Discover verified sustainability data solutions that empower you to create the sustainable future we all need. We meet your demand for sustainability data by providing new & expanded datasets, ratings, analysis & reports for all stakeholders. Take action with us today - to create a more sustainable world.



- with data, research & sharing knowledge

At Sustainify, we understand that sustainability is a complex and diverse concept that means different things to different people. That's why we offer you a range of options to choose from, based on ESG, SDG and CSR frameworks.

Whether you want to access the raw data, dive deeper into the research and reports, or learn from our insights and training, we have something for you. You can also consult us on any sustainability issue with our upcoming feature that ensures you get the support and guidance you need.


  • Reliable data - we ensure the accuracy and validity of our data sources

  • Comprehensive sustainability data - we cover a wide range of frameworks and sustainability topics for your convenience

  • Data without greenwashing - we filter out any irrelevant or misleading information on sustainability practices, donations, etc


  • Research & reports on any framework related to environmental, social and governance (ESG), sustainable development goals (SDGs) or corporate social responsibility (CSR)

  • Insights & analysis for investors, leaders and businesses to understand the risks and opportunities of sustainability issues

  • Sustainability performance assessment of companies based on quantitative and qualitative indicators

  • Competitor comparison & benchmarking to identify strengths and weaknesses of companies in the same industry or sector

  • Expected next steps to improve sustainability performance and align with best practices


  • Up-skill your staff on sustainability  we'll help empower your employees with sustainability knowledge and practices to use in their daily work to meet stakeholder expectations.

  • Help and guidance whenever you need it - benefit from our new feature. Achieve your sustainability goals with ease and efficiency. Get guidance and support along the way.

  • Tailored training to meet your needs - always flexible for you, your company, teams or individuals to stay updated with the latest sustainability knowledge and best practices

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