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The team

Eva Grønbjerg Christensen


Eva has work with CSR for more than 10 years as a consultant.

She experienced herself the problem of finding the most sustainable  and responsible companies to invest in, and used her professionel experience within analyzing a company and its CSR for investing purposes. 

It resulted in the tool for sustainiable and responsible investing and a book.

The advisory board covers areas such as finance, sustainability, marketing all at executive levels and you can check out the advisory board of Sustainify below.

On the radio

Sustainify's founder and CEO shared insights on responsible investing on Danish radio4 on the radio show; Overskud. Terms and definitions and how to analyse stocks came up during the 55 min. radio show. Have a listen here:

On national radio P1 and the radio show Guld & Grønne Skove - Bæredygtigt afkast where Sustainable investing is explanied and introducing the book Invester Bæredygtigt. Have a listen:


About  Sustainify

Who we are and what Sustainify is about

Sustainify provides sustainability data of companies and their CSR - in order to give companies, investors, job hunters, students and others a tool to make better decisions.

Companies use our data for risk assessment, tracking sustainability performance, making better business decisions, funding and competitive advantages.

As private and institutional investors trying to do responsible investments - it can be very time consuming and often you need specialist knowledge, in order to see who is taking corporate social responsibility and who is not. We provide fact-checked research and make it into easy insights for investors to make decisions on.

With a rating of listed companies it's easy for an investor to compare and pick a stock that match one's own values. The CSR rating from Sustainify will be fact checked - unlike other ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and SDG (UN's Sustainable Development Goals) ratings.

At Sustainify we take pride in the data we provide, you can trust that we don't just rate the marketing material from the companies - we check if claims are real. 

Why do we rate CSR and not just ESG?

Because responsibility is more than just 3 factors - it's a holistic approach to corporate responsibility.

Sustainify is a SaaS start-up with an online platform to inform, educate, research and share downloadable sustainability ratings, research and data. So everyone can make better decisions.

We have a clear vision and a path to get there. Sustainify is founded and managed by Eva Grønbjerg - take a look at our advisory board.

KISS - Keep It Simple. Sustainify!

We have a podcast now. We call it; Keep it simple. Sustainify!
This is for you, if you want to learn more about Corporate Social Responsibility and investing and how the two might go well hand in hand.

Have a listen - it's in Danish.

Our mission & vision

The online platform is based on our database of sustainability research and we have educated, advised, shared and provided this to customers since 2016.

We analyse companies on their corporate social responsibility and decided to make it into a tool to make better decisions in investments, funding and business development.

We are independent.

We educate, consult, analyse, measure, report and share our findings. 

We would like you to join us.

Our partners & press

We are proud to be working with some great partners - they are

each experts in their field and come with our highst recommendations

Women in Tech
Women in Tech
Women in Tech Mentoring program by Tech Nordic Advocates and Industriens Fond in 2021
P1 Guld og Grønne Skove
P1 Guld og Grønne Skove
Grådighed kan sagtens være grøn. Og samfundsansvar kan være en god forretning. Hør forfatterne til den nye bog 'Investér bæredygtigt', Pernille Wahlgren og Eva Grønbjerg, fortælle om, hvordan netop god samvittighed og højt afkast på ingen måder udelukker hinanden. Tværtimod. De to forfattere præsenterer en formular til, hvordan man kan blive fremtidens vinder på aktiemarkedet ved at investere grønt. Hvis man vel at mærke gør sit forarbejde, for pengene falder trods alt ikke ned fra himlen. Produ
Radio4 laver medrivende taleradio, der er til at forstå – uden at gå på kompromis med substansen. Introduktion til bogen Invester Bæredygtigt i programmet Overskud - med Sofie Østergaard