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Sustainify shares knowledge to make sustainable investing easy. The ultimate resource for all sustainable investors - fueled by data. Whether you are new to sustainable investing or more experienced, you will find valuable insights, tools and guidance here. Explore our learning resources, check out our services and do like other forward-thinking investors and find inspiration & motivation.



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Everything you need to know about Sustainable Investing & Sustainability. Get insights and tips on how to achieve your goals.

Here are some of our most read blog posts:

  1. Sustainable Investing - The How >>>
  2. Sustainable Investing - What & Why >>>
  3. Debunking 3 Myths of Sustainable Investing >>>



Search, compare, identify & track.

The ratings are constantly changing as the sustainability agenda changes for companies. To learn more use the link below.

Sustainify provides different ratings so you can choose one or more to suit your needs

1. SDG rating - the SDG Progress Tool by Sustainify >>>

2. ESG rating - comming soon

3. CSR rating - comming soon



Teaching, lecturing & public speaking about anything sustainability related.

Here are some of the most attended topics:

  1. Sustainable investing for Retail Investors
  2. Introduction to ESG & ESG reporting
  3. Introduction to Sustainability
  4. Sustainability & Greenwashing - how to market your products on sustainability and green claims
  5. Top sustainability trends



The book "Invest sustainably - and be a future winner in the stock market" in Danish: "Investér Bæredygtigt - og bliv fremtidens vinder på aktiemarkedet" is co-authored by the founder of Sustainify. 

The goal with the book is to empower retail investors to do sustainable investing on their own. Here are some of the questions we answer in the book:

1. What is sustainable investing?

2. How to do sustainable investing?

3. What tools can I use to do sustaianble investing?



Sustainability courses to help you meet future requirements on sustainability - learn more about our tailored solutions for you and your company needs.

Here are some of the most attended classes:

  1. Introduction to Sustainability
  2. Introduction to ESG & ESG reporting
  3. Sustainability & Greenwashing
  4. Company specific topic